S.M.U.D. - Shared Micro Depots

S.M.U.D. refers to ‘Shared Micro Depots for Urban Pickup and delivery’: a solution for last mile delivery in our congested cities. In our vision, the depots become more than just a place to pick up a parcel: they have the potential to become multifunctional urban hotspots that bring benefit to the community on a much larger scale. Both the location and the aesthetic design of the depots play an important role here.
We designed a blueprint design for two realistic S.M.U.D locations, one in Helsinki, Finland; one in Helmond, the Netherlands. At both locations the S.M.U.D.’s are iconic structures hosting social and commercial functions. We use standard shipping containers as the building blocks for the S.M.U.D., customizing the outer shell to create identity, memorability and comfort.

Shared Micro Depots for Urban Pickup and Delivery
Finland, Germany, The Netherlands
Study completed, Development pending

Co-funded by EIT Urban Mobility, Barcelona


Project Lead: Fraunhofer IML, Dortmund

Brainport Smart District, Helmond
CIMNE, Barcelona
Forum Virium, Helsinki
Gemeente Helmond
MVG, München
SWM, München
Technion, Haifa
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