Riverside Family Estate

Beautifully set in a lush marshland just off the city limits of the capital, a hundred years ago, the Dutch Army hid an ammunition storage in a mock-farm house. Having lost its original function, the listed building was consecutively turned into two spacious residences. After an earlier refurbishment stage, the second alteration changes the former front of the house and adjacent part of the barn more comprehensively, yet in a careful manner.
The building complex is turned into a triple storey family home with two pied-a-terre office studios. The original wooden main structure is respectfully preserved, yet do a number of daring floor openings create an entirely different spatial experience. A generous stairwell hall interconnects all parts of the domicile and working spaces. Daylight floods the volume through a whole series of vertical roof window strips in the individual rooms on the north flank, contrasting with a super-wide roof window on the south façade of the barn, where the open living space of the mansion lays, overlooking the surrounding pastureland.

Conversion of a Mock-Farm Ammunition Depot
Amsterdam Region, The Netherlands
Under construction

Not disclosed

450 m²


Model maker:

Tijmen (11 years)


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