Prague East / Praha-východ

The design for Prague East Station creates a purposeful, moderately sized, yet world-class functional transportation facility. Its distinctive design and carefully conceived public spaces inspire a memorable experience for users and the existing and developing neighbourhoods around it.
The station is much more than a transport hub: with its crossroads position in the emerging Czech High Speed Railways System, Prague East has high potential to become the central meeting point for the region and the cities along the railway, a catalyst for future development.
The station symbolizes a brand-new era of European rail transport and infrastructure in the Czech Republic. Flexible and highly resilient, it creates connectivity, identity and community, around a safe and comfortable station.

High Speed Train Station
Central Bohemian Region, Czech Republic
Competition entry

Správa železnic, státní organizace
National Railway Infrastructure Management, Prague

10.000 m²

Gateways, Amsterdam
fbcc, Paris

Structural Engineering:
Schlaich Bergermann Partner SBP, Paris

Infrastructural Engineering:
Valbek & Prodex, Bratislava

Zwartlicht, Utrecht with
Gateways, Amsterdam


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