17 May 2021

Team Gateways wins selection for Spatial Development Vision for Eindhoven Central Station

Team Gateways consists of Gateways, BURA urbanism, Sweco and Space Syntax

Team Gateways has won the selection to create a Spatial Development Vision for Eindhoven Central Station. The Vision will make full use of the station's potential to become a dynamic and efficient multimodal transit node - an exemplary hub that connects key parts of the city, helps to promote the shift towards public transit and bike use in the region, and also improves connectivity on a national and European level.

The focus of the Spatial Development Vision will lie on upgrading the train and bus station, integrating the multimodal hub into the surrounding urban fabric, and creating opportunities for real estate development on the site.

The assignment is commissioned by the Province of Noord-Brabant, the Municipality of Eindhoven, the national railway network organisation ProRail and NS (Dutch Railways), the principal passenger railway operator in the Netherlands. 

Team Gateways consists of Gateways (team lead, architects and transit facility designers, Amsterdam); BURA urbanism (urban designers and researchers, Amsterdam); Sweco (engineers and cost experts, De Bilt) and Space Syntax (experts in strategic spatial design, London).


Robbert de Mug, project manager at the Municipality of Eindhoven, states:

We unanimously decided to choose for Team Gateways for their insight in the task, the quality of their strategy and their innovative approach. We are looking forward to an inspiring collaboration.

Marten Wassmann, of Gateways, adds:

Our experienced team will devise a plan for an efficient multimodal transit hub for Eindhoven – but first and foremost, we would like to contribute to offering all travellers a station where they want to spend time, where they can feel safe and at ease. Our team is excited to fulfil this promise, together with the Municipality of Eindhoven and all stakeholders!



Bura urbanism


Space Syntax

Eindhoven Central Station Area


Photography: Aerophoto-Schiphol

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