24 February 2023
Dordrecht, The Netherlands
Spatial Development Study of Central Station Area

Gateways and ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles] selected for MIRT study Dordrecht Station Area

Gateways and ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles] are collaborating on a Spatial Models Study for Dordrecht Station Area as part of the upcoming so-called MIRT-verkenningen Oude Lijn (MIRT Explorations Old Line). The design team is supported by engineering firms Arup and 4Infra.

The Dutch central government and the region have agreed to build 240,000 homes in the southern Randstad agglomeration by 2040, most of them in the vicinity of the OudeLijn, the railway line between the cities of Leiden and Dordrecht. Like other stations on the Oude Lijn, Dordrecht station has insufficient capacity and quality for the intended urbanisation task and the scale leap in public transport required. The design team is working on a number of spatial models for the node Dordrecht. The result will then serve as input for the subsequent Analysis Phase of the MIRT-Verkenning Oude Lijn.

The stakeholders for the study are ProRail, NS Stations, the province of South Holland and the municipality of Dordrecht, which is acting as formal client. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is also involved, and government advisory agency on Rail-oriented Mobility, Spoorbouwmeester, is directly and closely involved in the elaboration.


Projectmanager Richard Dekker (ProRail) and process manager Bas Scholten (on behalf of the municipality of Dordrecht) quote from the assessment of Gateways' and ZUS' joint application: "The vision of the task described is extremely complete and very much in line with our needs and wishes. The approach was clearly laid out and appealing."


Liviu Paicu (Gateways) and Joan Almekinders (ZUS) commented, "It is special to think integrally about the complexity and beauty of the station and the station area in an early stage of the project and to be able to contribute to the development of Knoop Dordrecht into a renewed epicentre of contemporary urbanity and sustainable mobility!”

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